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Revised January 2010

M.S. Band:

1.     “Bartok Variations for Band” & (anything by Timothy Broege)

2.     “Earl of Oxford’s March” W. Byrd arr. Williams

3.     “Annabel Lee” D. Winter

4.     “All The Pretty Little Horses” arr. McGinty

5.     “Pictures at an Exhibition” Mussorgsky arr. L. Clark

6.     “Renaissance Christmas” arr. J Vinson

7.     “Temple of Ka-uka”

8.     “Names Claus, Santa Claus”

9.     “Technicises For Band” Techniques?

10.  “Tempest”

11.  “Omega One”

12.  “Furisoso”

13.  “Beat it” arr. Mike Story

14.  “Rising Star” Sam Hazo

15.  “Caprice” William Hines

Women's Chorus Rep: High School Adv. Middle

1.     “Turot Ezsik a Cigany” Kodaly (& “Ladybird”)

2.     “Ain’t That News” Doreen Rao Series

3.     “Fire” Goetz

4.     “Yo le Canto Todo El Dia”- Brunner

5.     “Hotaru Koi”- arr. Ro Ogura

Choral: SATB

1.     “Psallite” Praetorius 

2.     “O’ Magnum Mysterium” Laurdison

3.     “Joshua Fit the Battle” & “Elijah Rock” Moses Hogan

4.     “Sleep” Whitacre

5.     “Keep your Lamps Trimmed n burning”

Mixed 3-part

1.     “All the Pretty Little Horses”

2.     “Ubi Caritas” Roger Emerson

3.     “Miserere Nobis” Terre McPheeters

4.     “If I got my Ticket Lord”

5.     “Festive Processional” Audrey Snyder

Choral MS easy

1.      “Goodnight” Doreen Rao series

2.     “Sakura”

3.     Stuff by Spevacek, Lowell Mason, Leavitt & Mary Lynn Lightfoot

4.     “Light the Candles”

5.     “Light The Candles of Freedom”

6.     “A La Nanita Nana”

M.S. Orchestra

1.     “Spring Breezes” arr. Richard Meyer

2.     “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Greenday arr. Phillip

3.     “Sleigh Ride- German Dance No. 3” Mozart arr. Dackow

4.     “Stone Mountain Stomp” Strommen

5.     “Dance of the Tumblers” Rimsky-Korsakov arr. Dackow

6.     “Broadway Joe”

7.     “Ragtime Fiddles”

8.     “Secret Agent 440”

M.S. Jazz Band

1.     “Port O’ Call” Michael Sweeny

2.     “Harlem Nocturne” Hagen arr. Norred

3.     “Muggle Jive” Robert Woods

4.     “T.W.A Trumpets with Attitude” Sweeny

Band/ Wind Ensemble

1.     Robert W. Smith: Mark Johnsen’s recommended composer: “Christmas in the Round”

2.     (Beg.) “Slip and Slide” by Ralph Ford

3.     (Beg.) “Kentucky 1800” Grundman

4.     (Beg.) “The Great Steamboat Race” Robert Smith

5.     “Puszta” Jan Van der Roost’

6.     “Variations On A Koren Folk Song” John Barnes Chance

7.     “Dies Irae” Verdi

8.     “The Eighth Candle” arr. Reisteter

9.     “The Tempest” & “Christmas in the Round” arr. Robert W. Smith

10.  “Omega One”

11.  (Jazz) “Aslan’s Tale”

Wind Ensemble:

1.     “Fantasia 2000”- arr. Bocook

2.     “Cajun Folk Songs” arr. Ticheli

3.     “Flight of Pegasus” David Shaffer

4.     “Chorale and Shaker Dance” Zdechlik

5.     “Bushdance” Ralph Hultgren

6.     “Gaelic Rhapsody” Elloit Del Borgo

7.     “Lassus Trombone” arr. Schissel

8.     (Jazz) “Channel One Suite” Reddie arr. Lewis

9.     (Jazz) “Bye Bye Blackbird” Henderson arr. Wolpe

Jazz Band:  Good Publishing companies: Kendor & Walrus